Experience Amplified Impact Mastermind Core Values Training

Vision and Values 

This training is a FREE (no-opt in required) training that comes from our Amplifeid Impact Mastermind Program content. All of the clients in all of our programs start off by creating a vision for their life, work, and impact, and identifying the core values that will serve as your compass for all planning and decision making. 


This work is SO important that we've decided to gift it to you. 


And, now that you're clear on your vision and values (ok, maybe it's still a bit fuzzy but hopefully its more clear than when you started), you'll want to start using them as your compass for scaling your business and impact. If you want help for HOW to do that, and a community of equity-centered entrepreneurs who are building along side you then apply for our next cohort of Amplified Impact Mastermind or to work with us privately.  


We accept 15-20 people a few times a year.

Next start date is January 2021.