Have you been an entrepreneur for a while and feel you’ve had to compromise [or even sacrifice] your values to grow and build your business?

Have you got the engines running smoothly, yet you worry that the practices you’ve adopted could be harming you, the business itself, or your community?


Have you felt burned out or worried about how you'll keep doing this for the next 10, 20, 30 years?


If you answered yes to any of those - you came to the right place.

What if the way you have been doing business has been the reason behind your fears, concerns, and worries about it being sustainable for the future?

Decolonizing and healing your business aren't just about creating an equitable space for your employees and clients. It’s also about building a balanced and harmonious LIFE for yourself. 


This is “the dream” for most impact-oriented entrepreneurs - to build businesses that are vehicles for both social good and personal freedom. 


To be clear, we’re not talking about Law of Attraction-inspired materialism disguised as personal growth or empowerment.

We’re talking about people who really give a sh*t about humanity, who want to contribute to shifting culture, dismantling systems of oppression, and help create new paradigms that are truly liberatory for all.

What we’ve both seen through our 25+ years combined working with leaders, entrepreneurs, and visionaries, is that many business owners have figured out how to make money - but not how to have the intended impact or freedom they desire.


In fact, what a lot of entrepreneurs have created feels more like a cage and they don’t have the keys!


That’s where we come in.


If you’re here, you’re probably feeling some tension between your success and what’s going on in the world.

You might be wondering how some of the business practices you’ve relied on might be rooted in oppressive, racist, capitalist, and patriarchal systems.


You may have discovered that slapping a diversity statement or inclusive brand photoshoot on your website is more performative than it is effective.


AND you likely get that no anti-racism book club can REALLY  help you uproot what needs to go in your business in order to create the impact you say you want to create.


We get it.

It can be scary, confusing, and destabilizing to realize you’re perpetuating and participating in systems that don’t match your values and integrity. 

If you’re feeling any of these things:

  • Out of alignment 
  • Disenchanted with your business or your industry 
  • In need of boundaries around your time, worth, and the value of your offers
  • Motivated to step fully into your values
  • A desire for your impact to match your intentions

We’re here to help you realize the type of healing and liberation your life and your business require to resolve these issues and achieve your vision.

The Embodied Impact Mastermind!

We created the Embodied Impact Mastermind for the experienced entrepreneur who’s ready to embark on a transformative journey and show up more powerfully and effectively in the world.

This experience is for business owners seeking a community of peers with similar challenges that extend far beyond lead or revenue generation.


We know you hold a lot of space for a lot of people and projects.


We’re here to hold space for you throughout your path toward alignment and liberation.​


You don't need to sacrifice your soul to make an impact 

What We'll Explore

  • Shifting anything in your beliefs, mindset, habits, or practices that needs shifting so you can have a more balanced and harmonious life. ​
  • Integrating an embodied anti-racist practice throughout your entire organization. 
  • Sustainable and culturally responsive growth strategies. 
  • How to build equitable compensation packages including pay, bonuses, benefits, etc. 
  • Identifying values-aligned allies for your vision. 
  • Crafting effective and authentic values statements that go beyond virtue signaling.
  • Having important, growth-oriented conversations with yourself and others.
  • How to be responsible and generous with your wealth, even during times of crisis.
  • Building genuine community and engagement with people (if that’s part of your business model). 
  • Boundaries around time, worth, and value of what you offer.
  • MORE...

What You'll Get

EIM is a collaborative and co-learning process with a brave and supportive community that includes group coaching calls, private sessions with with Elizabeth and Trudi, expert guest mentors, delightful surprises, and an epic retreat! (hopefully in person) 


  • 2 Group Calls per month
  • Monthly 1:1 Embodied Healing session with Elizabeth (9 total) - we're extra excited to offer these to give you dedicated space each month to process anything personal that's coming up for you so we don't have to do that on group calls.
  • 4 1:1 strategy sessions with Trudi
  • Guest mentors throughout the year
  • Immediate Access to Trudi's Equity-Centered Coaching Collective for a year
  • Access to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Trainings with Trudi's team for 9-months (for you and your team). 
  • Immediate Access to Elizabeth's Embodied Living Center for a year (women only).
  • Virtual ½ day retreat to kick off the experience
  • 3-day wrap up retreat to celebrate and integrate our 9-months together. (We're hoping to be able to do this in person, but if for some reason it's still not super safe to travel or gather we'll adapt to virtual.) 
  • Gifts and surprises! 


  • Early Bird Jam Sessions: January 13th , Feb 17th, and March 10th at 3pm Eastern / 12pm Pacific 
  • Group Calls days / times: 2nd and 4th Wednesdays starting on March 24 at 3pm ET through December.  
  • Virtual Kick-Off Retreat, April, 3rd 1pm - 4pm Eastern / 10am-1pm Pacific
  • End of Year Retreat TBD (we'll survey the group to determine the retreat dates) 

Meet Your Facilitators

Elizabeth DiAlto

Known for her raw, honest, and grounded approach to self-help and spirituality, Elizabeth DiAlto specializes in helping women embody self love, healing, wholeness, and liberation. Her body of work has evolved out of 12+ years of experience across several fields including: Fitness, Self-Help, Wellness, Spirituality, Coaching, Personal Development, and Healing -- the last seven of which she’s spent helping women untame themselves. 


Everything she does is also informed by her own healing and education around embodiment, energy medicine, self love, collective liberation, boundaries, body image, trauma, healthy relationships, and identity. Elizabeth is the creator of Wild Soul Movement™ and the Wild Soul Archetypes Quiz, founder of The Institute for EMBODIED Living, and host of the EMBODIED podcast - which has been downloaded over 3 million times. 


On a more personal note -- she’s an avid Latin dancer, novice container gardener, and has a laugh that has been described as, “a sound bath of sunshine and joy.”

Trudi Lebrón

Trudi is a business, leadership and DEI coach, and social impact strategist who teaches entrepreneurs and leaders how to build inclusive, equitable, successful businesses while working towards anti-racism. She believes there is a need for more wealthy activists, socially-conscious entrepreneurs, and leaders working towards collective liberation.


A  16-year old mother of 2, high school dropout, Trudi built a 7-figure business while having offers that are financially accessible and high-impact and high-ticket offers that transform businesses and the life of 7- and 8- figure entrepreneurs. She has been featured in Forbes, is the host of The Business Remixed Podcast, co-host of That’s Not How That Works, and has been featured on multiple podcasts hosted by Mastin Kipp, Mirna Valerio, Claire Pelletreau, and more!